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You don't feel well these days ? Have you read a self-development book and watched 30 TedXTalks inspiring videos but you don't know how to start modifying your life ? Do you have the feeling that you're lonely with all your problems ? Do you have tons of unpaid bills lost somewhere in your flat ?Are you afraid to loose your house someday ? Do you have tons of ideas and projects, but you never have been able to finish them ? Are you lost, looking at the future ? Does your routine kind of annoying ? Are you thinking about adopting a puppy right now ? Have you always dreamt about writing a book but never had enough patience or time ?

In case you recognized yourself in one or more questions, keep reading ! 🙂

Lyne, well-being coach & social worker

What is life coaching ?

"To coach' is an anglicism term defined as such in the French dictionary Larousse which means acting in order to advise someone and enable her/him to use her qualifications to the utmost. Therefore, life coaching consists in evaluating the facts with a new approach, interpreting them, learning from them. The goal is to help you recovering a new autonomy or self guidance. What's the aim of all that? Changing your own faculty of perceiving your situation. Everyone can have the feeling of being stuck and powerless in front of difficulties. Feeling alone and unable to face them. There are many human issues as there are billions of human beings on this planet ! That being said, the following list isn't exhaustive.

The main goal Blossom Project Coachingis to enable your recovery, your balance, your self-confidence, your joy and your autonomy.

Coaching, for what kind of issues ?

blossom project coaching
  • A lack of self-confidence, a weak self-esteem.
  • A constant indecision, how to make up your mind.
  • Being unable in organizing your time, schedule, set up priorities, to those who hate "To-Do Lists".
  • Putting off the things you need to do, feeling demotivated when carrying out actions.
  • Being unable to say "no" or to set down boundaries.
  • To those who bury their head in the sand in front of financial problems as budget management issues, piling up administrative mails, panicking at the idea of making a phone call or answering it.
  • To those who are withdrawing within themselves from social circles or from work.
  • To those who keep on travelling being unable to settle down somewhere. You feel like you don't belong anywhere. and / or to those who get bored easily, have no interest in whatever they do.
  • Finding yourselves puzzled after having read a bunch of self-development books and wondering how you are going to solve your problems.
  • If you just need to get to know yourself better, a little boost to go ahead.
  • To those who come across a sudden crisis when reaching their 30s, 40s or more.
  • And why not if you are currently writing an essay, a thesis or any kind of paper (studies related or professional) and you have to face a lack of inspiration.

I help adults from 18 to 110 years old to put words on their issues. We will define together short, mid and long-term objectives.

Caution : a coach doesn't replace pas a medical or psychological treatment. It is highly advised to not interrupt the therapies already set up by your qualified physician. If you feel able to mix coaching and psychological treatment, you are, of course, welcome. I keep the right to address you to a different professional if your situation does not meet my abilities.

Useful Tips

→ All sessions are taking place exclusively by distanceby videoconference with Skype / Gmail Meet or Kakaotalk.

→ After your reservation for the discovery session, I will send you all the information you need to know by email with the attached invoice.

→ You can be coached even though you live in San Francisco, Perpignan, Shanghai or Jakarta, by Blossom Project Coaching. However, please pay attention to the time differences between our countries : we are based in France !

Schedule: On Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 12pm - 1pm to 6pm. On Saturdays, from 9am to 12pm.



Je suis tombée sur le site de Line par hasard et je dois dire que c'est une chance! L'entretien découverte a été une super découverte : Line est une coach atypique! Je me suis sentie en sécurité avec elle, un peu comme dans un cocon de bienveillance. Je la recommande chaudement parce que c'est pas le genre de personne qu'on rencontre tous les jours!

Camille, 34 ans (France)

- 06.10.2021


I just want to say that the French touch is real & amazing! I was kind of facing a burnout, or I don't know how it's called, anyway, Lyne helped me so much ! The fact that she is also a social worker killed all my fears about coaching. One month after, I feel so much better, and I will continue to work with her for another one ! Thank you.

Allan, 47 y.o (Singapore)

- 04.12.2021


As usual I am a gentle person and I am affected by everything but I would like not. I tried to developed my personality until I met Lyne who was always kind to me and her words make me happy. She is the one who used to ask about me whenever I was offline and take care of me, made me believe in online coaching. Whenever I needed help or advice, she came to text me. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Imane, 19 y.o (Irak)

- 15.12.2021


I went through a lots of hards time this year and it affects me a lot. I've got to share my thoughts and feelings to my friends but there is something with Lynn that will really relieve you. It's like a magical comfort that will really make you feel better. I am very thankful that I've got a coach like her. A true gold indeed. I'm very blessed to find a rare person like her. Thank you so much Lynn !

Sandra, 28 y.o (The Philippines)

- 24.12.2021

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